Prince of power.

“Similarly, the chance to write Wonder Woman–the nearest analogue to Superman in the DCU–is massively exciting. She’s a vital, powerful character, and we hope to bring a more contemporary sensibility to her character while retaining everything that makes her unique.”

J. Michael Straczynski

No. Wonder Woman is the nearest analogue to Superman in the same way that Thor is the nearest analogue to Captain America. Guys, it’s not Batman and the Supertwins. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are called DC’s trinity for a reason. They each bring something different to the table—or they would if DC didn’t continually cling to sexist attitudes about women and hamstring good writers.

Batman is the shadow. He’s the vigilante. Superman is the Boy Scout. He’s the good and faithful soldier. And Wonder Woman is the warrior and conqueror. However, she doesn’t want to conquer people; she wants to conquer life. Look at Thor or Hercules. That’s the nearest Wonder Woman analogue. She should be out there celebrating sisterhood! She should be enjoying wine and sex and music and wrestling and battles and kicking ass in God of War III. She should have a big belly laugh that startles people and kind, shining eyes. She should be able to drink Guy Gardner under the table and thoroughly enjoy doing so. She should be a bit rough around the edges. She eats with her hands. She slaps people a bit too hard on the back when joking with them. She makes Wally nervous when tossing his kids entirely too high in the air. She should be taller than Batman and Superman. And she should have no problem snapping necks or beheading a fool if necessary. Because she’s a warrior, damn it. But only when necessary. And she’d sleep like a baby an hour after doing it.

But that Wonder Woman will never exist. Because there are t-shirts to be sold. And Madonna/Whore (Wonder Woman/Power Girl?) dichotomies to be upheld. And sadly, some fans can’t envision a female warrior that isn’t specifically designed to cater to a man’s libido. And others are enraged by the idea that an Amazon might actually behave like one.