Rest peacefully, B.I.G.

It was all a dream!
I used to read Wizard magazine.
J. Scott Campbell had the hottest book with Gen 13.
Marc Silvestri on my wall.
Every Saturday get my stash from the shop across the mall.

I let my pen drop ’til the ink stopped.
Built my own universe listenin’ to “Planet Rock.”
Way back, when there wasn’t many black writers, jack.
Just James on the rack.
‘Member Milestone, dude? Xombi, Icon.
You never thought that those dudes would make it that long.
Now they in the limelight. TV pays right.
Comics they made get bound up in fresh trades.

Four color! Back reading books under covers.
Remember when I used to cop X-Men from brothers.
Peace to Jack, Joe, Jerry S., and Stan Lee.
Without your dreams theirs would not be.
Kick back, relax, ’cause you’ve all done good.
Check the stores, same heroes have stood
since childhood.

And if you don’t know? Now you know.