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Comic Series: Black Panther: Blood Hunt

“T’CHALLA THE VAMPIRE! Black Panther has been transformed and tasked with carrying out a key mission, but even a dark transformation won’t keep him from his duties to Wakanda—for better or for worse…”

Webcomics: Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic #85-#94

“It’s A-Force! Come join our illustrious lady adventurers for a 10-issue limited series! Singularity has been feeling a little out of sorts. Luckily, Clea Strange and a select crew of superheroic assistants are willing to help usher our favorite cosmic entity back to good health!”

Read the series now at Marvel Unlimited!

Webcomics: Who Is…? Monica Rambeau Infinity Comic #1

“Learn about the life of this extraordinary Avenger and see how her electromagnetic powers of living light have shaped her adventures.”

Read the webcomic now at Marvel Unlimited!

Webcomics: Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic #26

“As Black Panther’s spacecraft plummets to earth, T’Challa must prevent a fatal crash and vanquish a very familiar foe.”

Read the webcomic now at Marvel Unlimited!